About PerlerTricks

Brian of PerlerTricks is a visual artist and educator living and creating in Northern Kentucky. Holding an MFA in studio art, Brian is a formally trained artist who has devoted the last 20 years to teaching and inspiring students. Brian’s studio practice has evolved over the years and now focuses mainly on creating elaborately-detailed, handmade costumes. Brian’s costuming work has been recognized at many prestigious cosplay contests including TwitchCon, The Crown Championships of Cosplay and Anime Expo Los Angeles. Combining his love for cosplay and education, Brian regularly teaches and leads workshops on a wide range of costuming how-to topics. Embracing the concept that the best teachers are always learning, Brian is constantly on the lookout for new costuming techniques and tricks he can practice and teach as he encourages all learners to discover what’s possible when they let their creativity run loose.

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